Our Background History

MEKLATE’s humble beginnings date back to 1980s  when our first shop was

Asyraf Goldsmith
Founder of MEKLATE

set up in Kuala Lumpur on the Datuk Keramat Street, then known as “Kuala Lumpur Malay Jewelers’ Corner”, by our  both Co-founder Niaz Ahmad Makbool Ahmad and Late Ismail  Haji Salleh. The little shop still stands today as a nostalgic reminder of how the journey of  MEKLATE began.Before, MEKLATE  was known as “Kedai Tukang Emas Mohamad Nawi”.

From the start, MEKLATE did things differently. In the early years, at a time when gold was the mainstay of jewelers, we sold diamonds & gemstones.

MEKLATE soon spread its wings in Kuala Lumpur. Under the helm of our  Young visionary founder, Muhammad Asyraf Bin Zulkifli, the company’s retail business soon flourished. We opened our first shop in Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Kuala Lumpur and quickly gained a loyal following.

Niaz Ahmad
Co-Founder of MEKLATE

The brand nowadays keep growing popularity  in Kuala Lumpur.Today we are

proud to be one of the country’s premier jewelers; a multi-award winning brand that appeals to different walks of life.

With a reputation for quality and world-class designs, we believe in valuing tradition even as we embrace the contemporary. Enhancing value for the customer is a priority for us, and as a result, we have earned the trust of customers near and far.

It should come as no surprise that MEKLATE’s core values, which began in the early days of the founder, still resonate today.

Late Ismail Salleh
Co-Founder of MEKLATE

The core values touch the lives of our management and employees alike, professionally and personally, creating an extended MEKLATE  family that takes pride in providing warm, personalized service to a wide spectrum of customers.

MEKLATE’s clientele is diverse in background and geographic location, ranging from Malaysia and other parts of Asia including Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Hong Kong to the US and Europe.

UTC Keramat,KL

With more than 38 years of rich history, we are committed to scaling new heights for our customers.

As the MEKLATE brand continues to evolve, we will uphold our core values in all we do. This includes cultivating a fair and satisfying work environment that will nurture our people so they can evolve alongside with us. Giving back to society is a vital part of our existence and through some welfare society, we strive to make a difference where we can.

In early of 2018,we have joined ventures with RYAZCH VENTURES SDN BHD which a Malaysia Oil & Gas company to advise us on gemological & geological.

For the better future in gems market,in year 2018 also we have signed a contract with CONTIBEQUE INTERNATIONAL TRADING UK, One of the biggest Company which are owned a Precious & semi-precious gemstones/Gold mines in Zambia,Zimbabwe,Sierra Leone,Mozambique and Uganda.We are appointed as their wholesaler of gold & gemstones for south east region market such as Singapore,Brunei,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Malaysia,Thailand & Vietnam.

Our Jewellery Store

Just like the fast-changing world, we will keep pace by being nimble footed in the jewelry and fashion market, by being responsible in how we source our materials and most importantly, by being honest and sincere in how we engage with our precious customers.